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How to look cool in games?

Have you ever heard someone is calling you *PRO* in games such as Roblox Jailbreak? No? What a pity ): Likely, I've got some ideas how to look great without spending a penny for Robux in Jailbreak. I divided the article into two parts: Page Part and Game Part. In the Page Part, I'll tell you about items in Catalog and Promocodes and in the Game Part (JB) you'll see, how to customize your car. So, for what are we still waiting? Let's start beeing PRESTIGIOUS!!!

!Go to www.roblox.com/catalog!
1. Page
Yeah, this is the most important thing! Here, I'll show you some amazing free Shirts and faces.
Try to look modern. My Roblox avatar is a good example, but I have to tell you, that scrolling Catalog may take some time...
I also tried some promocodes too, so when you have them, go to roblox.com/promocodes and redeem them! This is completely free and may give you some fine item e.g. the hat I'm wearing and the bird. I know, that the code for the bird is still redeemable and it's TWEETROBLOX.

2. Game
When you are in Jailbreak, take your car and make your way to the Garage.
After that, upgrade everything to the 5th level as me. I'll paste you a screenshot below.
And that's it! You look cool now!
Send me a Rbx requestion>>> kotel2005!



Kacper K.

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