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History of Earthbound, part 2

Last time, we were focusing on Mother 1 and Mother 2, and left Mother 3 for the next part. So, here you go! The development of the third game in the series! It began in 1994 on original Super Nintendo, then moved to Nintendo 64. However, because of the media limitations, it was moved to Nintendo 64 DD (Disk System). We even got some beta footage. Unfortunately, (or maybe not) IT WAS CANCELLED. Why? First of all, developers didn’t know how to make games in 3D, as you can see on the promotional videos and graphics. Second and most important: The N64 Disk System was a commercial flop. Development stopped in 2000. But obviously, it wasn’t end of Earthbound series and Mother 3 itself. After Earthbound 64 development was cancelled, Starmen.net (remember?) made a petition to release the game. They gathered 10 013 unique signatures. They sent it to Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan. They didn’t receive any response. So they made another petition. THey gathered over 30000 signatures, and sent it to Shigesato Itoi himself, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and obviously Nintendo. They succeeded (almost, you will see why)! The first announcement of the game (this time releasing on Game Boy Advance). Was in Mother 1+2 commercial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DW74x8HO0mo&ab_channel=VizzedVideoGameCommercials The development finished in 2006. Mother 3 was finally released on GBA. I played it and I need to tell you. This game is awesome!!! However, there’s still one thing you may not know. Mother 3 for some reason wasn’t released outside of Japan. How did I played it then? Well, remember Tomato? He and his team announced, that they are making the translation by themselves. They finished in 2008, and the patch was downloaded over 100 000 times! It’s very professional and you can download it here http://mother3.fobby.net/ So, I guess it’s the end. I hope you enjoyed the second part, and that you are looking forward to the next articles ^_^


Oskar V.

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